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Stanley Trent Chandler

8500 Menaul Blvd Ne Ste B570
Albuquerque, NM 87112

LPL Financial LLC
75 State Street, 24th Floor
Boston, MA 02109

Stan Resume


Stanley Trent Chandler
Year of birth: 1961


University of Kansas; B.S. in Business Administration

Business Experience

LPL Financial LLC; Registered Representative
09/1998 – PRESENT

Professional Designations

Certified Financial Planner™ – CFP® CFP 10/1996
Designation: Certified Financial Planner (CFP®). Issuing Organization: Certified Financial Planner
Board of Standards, Inc (CFPBS). Prerequisites/Experience Required: Must have a bachelor’s degree
(or higher) from an accredited college or university, and three years of full-time personal financial
planning experience. Educational Requirements: Must complete a CFP®-board registered program or
hold another designation authorized by the CFPBS. Continuing Education: 30 hours every two years


Your financial advisor has no legal or disciplinary events required to be disclosed in response to this
item. There may be items that are contained on brokercheck.finra.org or www.adviserinfo.sec.gov that
you may wish to review and consider in your evaluation of your advisor’s background.


Insurance Licensed Registered Representative:

Your financial advisor is also a broker or registered representative of LPL Financial and may receive
commissions and other types of compensation for the sale of securities. Your financial advisor also may
sell insurance and may receive commissions for insurance product sales. The potential for the receipt of
commissions may give a broker an incentive to recommend investment or insurance products based on
the compensation received, rather than on the client’s needs. However, your financial advisor may only
recommend securities and insurance products that he or she believes are suitable for you. If you have
any questions regarding the compensation your financial advisor receives when recommending a
product, you should ask your financial advisor. You are under no obligation to purchase investment
products or insurance through your financial advisor.


Your financial advisor may receive economic benefits from persons other than clients in connection with
advisory services. Please ask your financial advisor about whether he or she receives any of the forms
of additional compensation outlined below.
If your financial advisor provides services in a Strategic Asset Management (SAM) or Strategic Asset
Management II (SAM II) account, your financial advisor may recommend mutual funds. Only no-load
and load-waived mutual funds are available to be purchased in SAM/SAM II accounts. However, some of
these mutual funds may pay LPL Financial distribution or service fees (e.g., 12b-1 fees). For retirement
accounts, such fees received by LPL Financial are credited to your account. In non-retirement accounts,
LPL Financial may share a portion of these fees with your financial advisor. The receipt of 12b-1 fees
may present a conflict of interest because it may give an incentive to recommend mutual funds for non-retirement
SAM/SAM II accounts based on the compensation received, rather than on a client’s needs.
However, when your financial advisor provides investment advisory services, he or she is a fiduciary
under the Investment Advisers Act and has a duty to act in your best interest and to make full and fair
disclosure to you of all material facts and conflicts of interest.
Your financial advisor may receive compensation from product sponsors. Compensation may include
such items as gifts valued at less than $100 annually, an occasional dinner or ticket to a sporting event,
or reimbursement in connection with educational or training events or marketing or advertising initiatives.
Such compensation may not be tied to the sale of any products.
Your financial advisor receives compensation as a result of your participation in LPL advisory programs.
LPL shares a portion of the account fee you pay with your financial advisor, which may be more than
what your financial advisor would receive at another investment advisor firm. This compensation may
also include other types of compensation, such as bonuses, awards or other things of value offered by
LPL (or the bank, credit union or financial institution at which your financial advisor may be located) to
your financial advisor. LPL may pay your financial advisor in different ways, such as payments based on
production, awards of stock options to purchase shares of LPL’s parent company, LPL Financial
Holdings Inc., reimbursement of fees that your financial advisor pays to LPL for items such as
administrative services, and other things of value such as free or reduced-cost marketing materials,
payments in connection with the transition of association from another broker/dealer or investment
advisor firm to LPL, advances of advisory fees, or attendance at LPL’s national conference or top
producer forums and events. LPL may pay your financial advisor this compensation based on his or her
overall business production and/or on the amount of assets serviced in LPL advisory programs.
Therefore, the amount of this compensation may be more than what your financial advisor would receive
if the client participated in other LPL programs, programs of other investment advisor firms or paid
separately for investment advice, brokerage and other client services. Therefore, your financial advisor
may have a financial incentive to recommend an advisory program over other programs and services.
However, your financial advisor may only recommend a program or service that he or she believes is
suitable for you.
Your financial advisor may act as a referral agent to third party investment advisor firms and he or she
may receive referral compensation from such investment advisor firms. In such case, you are provided
disclosure about the arrangement and the compensation to be received at the time of the referral.


LPL Financial maintains a supervisory structure and system reasonably designed to prevent violations of
the Investment Advisers Act of 1940. Your financial advisor’s securities-related activities are supervised
by an individual registered as a principal in accordance with FINRA regulations. In addition, compliance
staff uses tools that monitor the advisory services provided by your financial advisor, for example, with
respect to asset allocation, concentration, and account activity.  Contact (800) 558-7567 for
the name and phone number of your financial advisor’s immediate supervisor or contact Advisory
Compliance directly at LPLFinancial.ADV@lpl.com.