Overall Description of Stan’s Services and Business

The primary emphasis of my business is by far individuals. The vast majority of my clients are individual households with traditional accounts such as individual retirement accounts, education funds, rollover IRAs, LPL Financial Brokerage accounts with stocks and bonds.  I also do a great deal of insurance; life,disability, and variable annuities as well.

An extensive amount of financial planning is done for my clients to determine their retirement need for income by looking many years in the future.  This is done with detailed financial planning software which takes into account many variables. Inflation, rate of growth of investments, estimated income needed for the desired retirement level, as well as specific income needed for special budget items are a few of the variables the software takes into account and processes. The uncertainties but it is more of an art than a science are attempted to be dealt with. Nevertheless, a great deal of information is provided that can help people gauge the level of retirement that they will have. In every case that I have worked with a client on they are better off with the information they gained by doing the financial plan.

Many of my clients have brokerage accounts with different types of investments. Also, many investments are held with direct investment accounts, and of course, a high level of expertise is used with the advisory accounts for people who want to be more aggressive with different types of investment strategies.

In a broad description of how my business operates I would say that I always do my best to get the simple straight forward things done; phone calls returned, forms processed quickly, reviews completed in a timely manner, and an open direct discussion with my clients.

Overall, the vast amount of my business is with individuals, some small businesses, and a handful of 401(k)s which I service for the employees and of course the business owners.