Portfolio Management

At Chandler Planning & Investment Group, we are committed to providing you with an informed perspective and tailored approaches to your needs and challenges. As your trusted advisor, we begin with a deep understanding of your financial priorities and then apply appropriate financial strategies to help optimize your wealth. Together, we can explore your needs regarding these 12 wealth management issues as we work to help you build, manage, preserve and transfer your wealth.

The basis for successful investing lies in understanding your goals, objectives, risk tolerance levels and return expectations.
The best method of determining what those goals are is the wealth management process. The following process is designed to define and target your specific goals.

Step 1: Determine Financial Objectives
The investment process begins with a comprehensive understanding of your present financial resources, liabilities, and objectives (both short and long term) as well as the level of risk at which you are comfortable.

Step 2: Develop Financial Plan
I select the most suitable investment products (i.e. stocks, bonds, money manager, etc.) based on your goals and objectives while considering risk tolerance,  time horizon, and tax considerations.

Step 3: Implementation
It is imperative that you understand and are comfortable with all aspects of the investment plan. I will then move forward with implementation and make specific recommendations as opportunities present themselves.

Step 4: Performance Review
The final step of the process is a periodic review of the plan through monthly communication and quarterly meetings to reconfirm the suitability of the recommendations in accordance with your original goals.